The right to life should be far more important than the right to work, and labor safety is the most important labor condition that Eurocharm and its employees must work together to protect. As an employer, we have a labor safety unit to implement the occupational safety and health management system. We follow the labor law and fulfill our corporate responsibility to take good care of and protect our employees, and set up a safety and health policy, a labor safety and health code, and hold quarterly labor safety and health meetings. Employees themselves should be aware of the occupational safety and health regulations that are relevant to them and have the obligation to comply with them in order to protect their own safety at work.

Safety and Health Policy

  • Focus on global safety and health issues, assess risks, and build a safe working environment.
  • We actively communicate and cooperate with customers and suppliers to improve the safety and health performance of our supply chain.
  • We follow and comply with domestic and foreign laws and regulations such as fire prevention, environmental protection, safety and health laws.
  • Continuously promote environmental safety and hygiene improvement to create a safe and healthy workplace.
  • Through continuous auditing activities and safety and sanitation management reviews. Identify blind spots and continuous improvements are made to enhance operational safety and environmental quality.

Occupational safety and health inspection

A disaster is an unanticipated, unplanned occurrence or encounter that is intuitively recognized by the general public. In fact, the disaster concept of safety management is the process from the cause through the time sequence to the phenomenon or result of the disaster. Due to the large number of equipment in the factory and frequent human-machine interaction, how to implement independent safety inspection to prevent machine failure and human negligence has always been an important issue in work safety. The labor safety unit of Eurocharm continuously conducts occupational safety and health inspections at each plant, conducts hazard identification and risk assessment for each operation in advance, and proposes preventive and control measures for hazards to ensure the workplace safety of employees in the workplace.

Notification Mechanism for Occupational Disasters

In accordance with the relevant provisions of local laws and regulations, Eurocharm’s supervises the investigation and handling of occupational disasters and handles occupational disaster statistics in order to grasp the occupational disaster status of employees in real time. The labor safety unit will also immediately initiate accident investigation, conduct accident investigation and analysis, handle and develop improvement measures, and regularly promote relevant safety and health programs to prevent the recurrence of similar situations, and no employee injury occurred at the supplier in 2020.

Through various health promotion activities, employees have been able to promote health in their hearts and minds, and we expect to move towards a healthy workplace with high performance in the future.

The First Relay Race

On April 21, 2019, VPIC1 Relay Race was held for the first time in the company. Over 500 people enthusiastically participated in the race, which not only created an atmosphere of sports and health, but also increased the communication between various members inside and outside the company.

With the slogan “Produce Healthy Solidarity Exchange”, 23 teams were attracted to participate, including 19 teams from VPIC1 and 4 other visiting teams. The overall atmosphere was impressive and demonstrated the spirit of competition and teamwork. Run forward with a strong will, overtake or be overtaken, and meet the end together, no matter win or lose, it is an unforgettable memory.

Soccer Tournament

VPIC1 has a soccer field and hosted a soccer match on June 23, 2020 at the soccer field.

Networking Activity

We regularly organize various employee recreational activities, which not only allow employees to find appropriate leisure activities after work, but also allow employees from different departments within the company to get to know each other and bond with each other in this way, and unite the whole company’s centripetal force.

Holding various employee recreational activities on September 30, October 27 and November 17, 2019, to unite the whole company’s centripetal force, such as ball games and tug-of-war, etc.

On December 31, 2019 and November 18, 2019, we held an event for employees to paint the fence of the factory to beautify the working environment.

Provide employee education, training and health screening

We provide employee education and training, and at the same time implement regular employee health checkups and special medical examinations for employees in special operations to ensure the health of employees.

Manager Safety Management

Regular safety management courses are held for Managers.

Fire safety training and practical training

Regularly implement fire safety training and practical training to ensure the safety of the working environment.

On-the-job training on labor safety and health for general staff

On-the-job training on labor safety and hygiene is regularly implemented for general staff to ensure a safe working environment.

On-the-job safety and health education training for special operation supervisors

For special operators, we provide on-the-job safety and health education training for special operation supervisors (e.g. pneumatic equipment operation, forklift / overhead crane operation).

Maternity Protection Program

In compliance with the “Gender Equality Law” and the “Regulations on the Implementation of Child Care and Work Suspension”, Eurocharm provides employees with the right to apply for child care and work suspension before their children reach the age of three, up to a maximum of two years.