The main raw materials of Eurocharm Group come from major steel factories worldwide, including iron pipes/steel pipes, iron plates/steel plates, iron coils, and aluminum ingots/zinc ingots. These materials are cut according to product requirements and then undergo component forming on a stamping machine. The formed components are welded together to create the final products, which are then put into processes including lathe work, maching, painting, and electroplating. Finally, the products are tested, and those that meet the requirements are stored in the finished goods warehouse. In 2022, Local procurement in Taiwan accounted for 100% of the purchases, while in Vietnam, it accounted for 88.57%. Eurocharm entrusts local manufacturers as main material suppliers and outsourced processing suppliers as much as possible in Taiwan and in Vietnam. Production volume in Vietnam (including the US finished goods warehouse) contributes to 97.05% of the consolidated operating income; in Taiwan, this figure is 0.77% and 2.18% in the U.S. The main customers for automotive components are mainly motorcycle manufacturers from Japan, such as Honda. The main customers for recreational vehicles are North American heavy motorcycle manufacturers. Medical assistive device customers include well-known medical giants from France, North America, and Japan. In the process of continuous growth of Eurocharm, we create sustainable value through the investment of six major capitals, combined with six cores to create sustainable values. We constantly review and correct our group to create sustainable value and performance of the environment, society and economy/governance.