In Taiwan, the Company utilizes the advantage of Taiwan’s advanced processing technology to manufacture and export medical equipment. At the factory plant in Vietnam, it is the competitive cost of producing metal parts that provide the leverage for the Company to acquire new orders continuously. Moving forward, we will further build and expand the territory of metal processing on top of the foundation that has been established. With the positive referrals from customer to customer, the quality of our products will soon be widely known to the international markets.

Research and Development

The R&D center is equipped with AutoCAD, Cimatron and SolidWorks design software, and hardware equipment such as 3D laser cutting machine, wire cutting machine, fine hole discharge machine, CNC digital control integrated processing machine, horizontal planer, double column milling machine and a series of mold processing equipment, etc. We can independently develop and design and process the complete set of continuous stamping dies, precision stamping dies, single shot stamping dies, deep drawing dies, PVC plastic injection molding dies, welding tools, inspection tools, processing jigs and other mold fixtures of different types and sizes of the mold and inspection tools.

Product Development Motivation

Eurocharm aims to provide higher efficiency in processing technology and better quality products. Since the product designs and the specifics are customized according to each customers’ request or directly passed down from the customers, the Company’s research and development (R&D) department focuses on reducing production cost and processing time. The team specializes in the development of measuring tools, fixtures and robotic arm machinery. Additionally, Eurocharm cooperates with its customers and suppliers to deliver further technical training and workshops for employee development. In 2023, we invested $85.79 million in research and development, accounting for 1.18% of net operating revenue. In 2023, we will research and update various mold and metal processing technologies to shorten the development time of new products and reduce the defect rate after mass production. We will continue to enhance new product development capability and technology, and maintain a certain level of growth depending on our operating conditions. In order to maintain a firm foothold in the increasingly competitive automotive and medical device markets.

Item / YearUnit
R&D ExpendituresNT$ Thousand
Net RevenueNT$ Thousand
R&D Expenditures as a Percentage of Consolidated Revenue%1.581.051.18

Product Development

The company is an OEM professional manufacturer of precision stamping and auto and motorcycle components. The product design has been verified by customers and confirmed to be safe. Eurocharm TW has passed the ISO 9001 quality system verification, and its products are mainly motorcycle parts and medical equipment. Motorcycle parts include stamping parts, motorcycle left and right side frame assemblies, handlebars and rear frames, etc. We carry out production and delivery according to the customer’s size and characteristic requirements. After the parts are produced, the central factory will carry out painting and assembly operations; medical equipment includes hospital beds, patient hangers, bath wheelchair parts assemblies and assembly operations. VPIC1 has passed IATF 16949 and ISO 13485 verification. According to international quality standards and important security requirements (CC, SC) and drawings and dimensions required by customers, from the development stage (APQP), review the failure mode (FMEA) and designed the process control parameters. The production of quality control plan (QC), inspection reference book, and operation standard book is all controlled by the design parameters in the development stage. From material input (material analysis), process inspection, shipment inspection and related tests are all in accordance with the quality control plan (QC) to carry out strict quality control, and regularly do product safety life (durability test, high and low temperature cycle test, etc.) and related environmental regulations such as REACH, RoHS and other tests. Related products include stamping parts and skeleton parts and assemblies of auto and motorcycles, zinc-aluminum die-casting parts for motorcycle, welding electroplating, processing, iron-aluminum forging and other parts, motorcycle body parts, medical equipment parts and bed frame assemblies, etc. The products are finally handed over to the central factory for assembly operations.

In the process development stage, we will evaluate the aspects of material, environmental protection and process. The material part involves mechanical properties and strength issues. We will look for qualified materials according to the customer’s design and environmental protection needs. In order to avoid the use of raw materials containing harmful substances in the process. The selection of suppliers and cooperators mainly considers compliance with international RoHS, REACH regulations and customer requirements. All consumables and materials used in the process must also meet the environmental protection regulations required by customers. If customers have any doubts about products, we will also take the initiative to provide material proofs, so that customers can be more at ease.