Sustainable Business Model

With the principle of honesty, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we are committed to the ethics of honesty and innovation to make our operations meet the requirements of our customers and continuously improve our operations and performance so that we can achieve the ultimate goal of sustainable management and customer satisfaction. By combining the local resources of Vietnam, we provide safe products as our sustainable business model. We will maximize our corporate value and continue to solve social and industrial problems with our own operations by fulfilling the needs of our customers, while creating and delivering the corporate value of Eurocharm.

Business Model

Eurocharm’s auto and motorcycle components customers are mainly Japanese motorcycle manufacturers including Honda, TOYOTA, YAMAHA, Suzuki, SYM, Piaggio, Ford and others. Major leisure vehicle customers are Polaris in North America and heavy motorcycle factories such as Ducati and Aprilia. The customers of medical equipment are well-known manufacturers such as Dupont Medical in France, Invacare in North America, and FranceBed in Japan. Our main products are auto and motorcycle parts. The Company produces motorcycle metal components including frame, brake system parts, clutch parts, shock absorbers, engine parts, and fuel tanks as well as medical equipment parts and bed frames. These products are developed and produced through molds. The Company focuses on machine equipment, process improvement, and development of special equipment, measuring tools, jigs, etc. to improve production efficiency and reduce costs to facilitate exporting prouducts to Japan, the United States, France, etc.

Main Products

Auto Parts

Chassis frame, metal parts, bodyworks, and other metal parts.

Motorcycle Parts

Front fork, aluminum parts, stamping parts, welding parts, and other metal parts.

Recreational Vehicle Parts

Motorcycle, snowmobile, jet skis, and other recreational vehicle parts.

Medical and Healthcare Equipment

Medical beds, patient lifters, and shower chairs

Short-term, Medium-term and Long-term Business Plans

ESGShort-term Business PlansMid-term and Long-term Business Plans
• The Group has obtained ISO9001 and IATF 16949 certification to increase orders from existing customers and develop new customers.
• Proactively develop niche product markets, such as recreational vehicles, to achieve higher margins.
• Improve process efficiency, provide speed and consistency in production, and create higher product value.
• Through joining the capital market, promote the awareness of the Company and attract outstanding talents to achieve the goal of maintaining sustainable business.
• Continuously devote to research and development to furthermore diversify product lines for maintaining competitiveness.
• Oversea expansion with the aim to provide customer services in shorter distances and create business opportunities.
• Develop other customers in Europe and the United States so that the Company can move towards globalization.
• Form alliances with other countries in the automotive industry to better position ourselves for future business opportunities in Vietnam.
• Focusing on parts OEM, we will enhance our product development capabilities and strengthen the integration amaong customers, suppliers, and industry resources.
• We focus on climate change issues and promote energy conservation and carbon reduction by monitoring the status of raw materials and energy use.
• VPIC1 has obtained ISO14001 certification for better environmental management to reduce wastewater, waste generation, and energy usage.
• We are constantly improving the efficiency of resource utilization, such as switching to indirect lighting to reduce daytime lighting requirements and switching from continuous aluminum ingot melting furnaces to centralized furnaces to reduce CO2.
• Develop long-term partnerships with like-minded suppliers.
• Continuously to master the use of raw materials, energy use and climate change risk management to mitigate the environmental impact from our operations.
• Integrate environmental management into the core of our operations and set our energy saving and carbon reduction initiatives to be aligned with international standards, thereby improving productivity and lowering business operating costs.
• We will continue to promote green supply chain innovation and carry out environmental improvement and equipment replacement projects for noise, dust, air, wastewater treatment systems, lighting, and furnace usage. We will also continue to promote green factories and move toward to the goal of energy saving and carbon reduction to become an environmentally friendly company.
Society• VPIC1 has obtained ISO45001 certification. Through employee participation, safety production, improvement of operating environment, quality improvement, reduction of delivery time, reduction of invalid working hours, and improvement of employee benefits, we strengthen cohesiveness within our factories, improve internal management, and continuously improve the working environment and labor conditions to protect the legal rights of employees.
• By joining the capital market, we will increase the company’s visibility and attract outstanding people to achieve the goal of sustainable management.
• To set up a transparent communication channel for employees and establish a harmonious workplace environment between employers and employees.
• In response to the risk of labor shortage that may arise in the near future due to the continuous investment of foreign enterprises in Vietnam, the Company will continue to invest in automation projects to avoid labor shortage problems.
• To equip managers at all levels with proactive problem-solving ability, the Company will continue to develop training programs with external experts and arrange training contents according to individual characteristics and job attributes. With a focus on cultivating and retaining excellent management and technology talents, the Company lays a foundation for its sustainable development.