The Audit Committee of the Company was established on June 21, 2013, and its members are independent directors (three seats). All members electing an independent director as the convener and chairman of the meeting. The Audit Committee operates in accordance with the Company’s ” Rules and Regulations of the Audit Committee” and considers the following matters: the Company’s financial statements, the Company’s auditing and accounting policies and procedures, the Company’s internal control system, significant asset or derivative transactions, the raising or issuance of marketable securities, the appointment, dismissal or compensation of certified public accountants, and the appointment or removal of financial, accounting or internal auditing officers. The independent directors, accountants, and supervisors of auditors and auditors conduct regular meetings at the audit committee meeting at least fourth a year. The Audit Committee held five meetings in 2020, with an average attendance rate of 93.33%, and discussed a total of 10 audit-related motions.

Professional Background
ChairmanWei-Min LinPhD in Finance and Economics- Jinan University
Lin Wei Min CPA Firm
Independent DirectorBryan PengEMBA-Jiao Tong University
Accounting and International Trade-Fu Jen Catholic University
VP-Finance, EZconn Corp.
Financial Assistant Manager/ Spokesman, Megic Corporation
Accounting Deputy Manager/ Project Manager, TI-Acer Inc.
Independent DirectorGen-Yu FongPhD in Law, Cornell University
Professor of Law, National University of Governance
Number of Meetingstimes858
Attendance Rate%91.6793.33100
DateContentOpinions and Suggestions
1. Approval and signing of the 2019 Annual Report and Consolidated Financial Report.
2. Subsidiary company VPIC1 Baishan second plant, investment and expansion plan.
3. Review and discussion of the 2019 Internal Control System Self- Examination Report and Statement.
Unanimous consent
2020.04.271. Approval and signing of the 2020 first quarter financial statements.Unanimous consent
2020.08.041. Approval and signing of the 2020 second quarter financial statements.
2. Company’s endorsement guarantee for affiliated companies.
Unanimous consent
2020.11.031. Approval and signing of the 2020 third quarter financial statements.
2. Company’s endorsement guarantees for affiliated companies.
3. Fund loan and subsidiary company case.
4. Subsidiary company Vietnam Precision Industrial No. 1 Co., Ltd. Baishan second plant’s new plant matters case.
Unanimous consent
2020.12.251. The Company’s internal audit plan for 2021.
2. Appointed Ernst & Young LLP as an Independent Accountant for the Company’s 2021 Financial Statement.
Unanimous consent