We have a complete training plan for the career development of our employees, in order to ensure that they can work in their existing positions and acquire the necessary skills for promotion. There is onboarding training, onboarding technical training, on-the-job training (including higher management), and on-the-job technical training. Our company pays attention to the cultivation of talents and the on-the-job training and training of employees in order to improve the overall quality and work skills of employees:

Onboarding TrainingOnboarding Technical TrainingOn-the-job Training (including higher management)On-the-job Technical Training
All the newly hired employees are subject to attend onboarding training. The training includes understanding the Company’s history, culture, management, safety, workplace environment, production process, quality control and regulatory, legal content.Newly hired technical specialists or employees with responsibilities of potentially dangerous attributes are required to attend onboarding technical training and pass the necessary examinations.The Company, periodically, provides external training program or educational TV programs for the employees and executives.Aside from the foundation of onboarding technical training, additional on-the-job technical training is provided to employees to enhance their current level of skills.

We have been actively promoting industrial-academic cooperation between Taiwan and Vietnamese universities, and signed industrial-academic cooperation with Vietnam on August 1 and October 14, 2019.

In addition, we also participate in Taiwan’s Ministry of Education’s New Southbound Program – strengthening cooperation and exchange with ASEAN and South Asian countries, and provide Nanhua University’s students to visit our Vietnamese subsidiaries.

Provide scholarships for students

To support students from economically disadvantaged families and encourage them to complete their studies successfully; and to nurture elite students to become outstanding talents in the society and give back to the community. In 2018, we will provide 10 scholarships of VND 5 million to Vinh Phuc Agricultural Machinery College and 20 scholarships of VND 10 million (about NT$18,000) to Hoa Phuc High School of Economics and Technology respectively. On September 5, 2019, we awarded 60 scholarships of VND 30 million (about NT$36,000) to Vinh Phuc Technical High School and Agricultural Technology High School for the beginning of the school season. While on September 12, 2019, we donated VND 5 million (about NT$6,000) to Benin Social Welfare Institute in cooperation with Benin Chamber of Commerce. In September 2020, in order to convey warmth to the poor students, and in line with the participation of public security in the opening ceremony of Chan Hung Elementary School, 16 students were given gifts including school bags and cash totaling VND 8 million (about NT$ 9,600), while on October 2 and October 14, 40 students from Vinh Phuc Agricultural High School and Vinh Phuc Craft High School were given scholarships totaling VND 20 million (about NT$ 24,000).

International Children’s Day Care Activity

On June 1, International Children’s Day, the company responded to the activity of taking care of children initiated by the Labor Bureau and participated in the mobilization ceremony in Vinh Phuc City on May 17, 2019, where our company donated 30 bicycles worth VND 37.5 million (about NT$ 45,000) to the national elementary school children. In addition, on June 10, 2020, we donated 10 bicycles and VND17 million (about NT$20,400) to the charity event held by Vinh Phuc Children’s Foundation. On August 8, 2020, we participated in a caring event co-organized by the Northern Taiwan Chamber of Commerce and the Vinh Phuc Social Center, sponsoring VND5 million (about NT$6,000).