Eurocharm established its Nomination Committee in February 2022, with four directors and independent directors serving as committee members. The Committee elected an independent director, Yen-Hsi Lin, as the convener and chairperson of the meetings. The operation of the Committee follows the “Organizational Regulations for the Nomination Committee” of the Company. The Committee is responsible for establishing standards for professional knowledge, skills, experience, and gender, required for board members, supervisors, and senior executives to ensure diversity in the background and independence. It is also responsible for identifying, reviewing, and nominating candidates for directors, supervisors, and senior executives based on these standards. In addition, the Committee constructs and develops the organizational structure of the board and various committees, conducts performance evaluations of the board, committees, directors, and senior executives, and assesses the independence of independent directors. Furthermore, it formulates and periodically reviews the director training plan, succession plan for directors and senior executives, and corporate governance practices of the Company. The Committee meets at least once a year and may convene meetings as necessary. In 2022, the Nomination Committee held two meetings, with a 100% average attendance rate for all committee members.

TitleNameExperience (Education)
ChairmanYen-Hsi LinBachelor Degree in Philosophy, Fu Jen Catholic University
General manager of Taiwan Branch of DDI-Asia/Pacific International Ltd., and consultant for directors of branches around the globe
Independent Director of Eurocharm Holdings Co., Ltd.
Independent Director of Entire Technology Co., Ltd.
Director (Legal representative) of iMotion Inc.
Director of Teach For Taiwan Education Foundation
Independent DirectorChen-Tien YuanLaw-National Taiwan University
MBA, Guanghua School of Management, Peking University
Vice President, EY Management Services Inc.
Partner, Yuan, Chen & Partners Attorneys-at-Law
Supervisor, Wenetgroup Ltd.
Director, Yuan Chen Asset Management Co., Ltd.
Independent DirectorYi-Jen KuoTransportation Engineering and Management, National Chiao Tung University
Administrator, China Steel Corporation
Manager, China Steel
Aluminum Corporation
President, China Steel Global Trading Corporation
Advisor, China Steel Global Trading Corporation
Number of MeetingsTimes224
Attendance Rate%100100100
Motions Reviewedcases349
DateContentOpinions and Suggestions
2022.02.25The Company’s directors and employees’ distribution of remuneration in 2021.Unanimous consent
2022.06.101. Election of the Convener and the Meeting Chair of the Company’s Remuneration Committee.
2. Remuneration for the Company’s Chairman.
3. Discussion of travelling expenses for the Company’s Directors and functional directors.
4. Remuneration and salary for the Company’s managers.
Unanimous consent
2022.8.161. Adjustments for the manager’s salary.
2. Distribution of remuneration for the Company’s Directors in 2021.
3. Distribution of remuneration for the Company’s managers in 2021.
Unanimous consent
2022.11.1Revisions for the relevant guidelines for the affiliated companies.Unanimous consent