Eurocharm founded in 1974, the main business item was metal processing of motorcycle parts, with the business philosophy of “Integrity, Innovation and Customer Satisfaction”. With the experience of metal processing of motorcycle parts, we have expanded our customer base to Japanese motorcycle brands and gradually developed the production of medical equipment parts. In 2001, Eurocharm TW along with the Japanese brand customers to enter the Vietnamese market. Vietnam Precision Industrial No1 Co., Ltd was established in Khai Quang Industrial Zone, Vinh Yen City, and started mass production in October of the same year. In recent years, the Group has diversified into the automotive and leisure vehicle parts market. In 2011, Eurocharm Holdings Co., Ltd. reorganized the shares of Eurocharm TW and VPIC1. In 2014, the Company was officially listed as Eurocharm Holdings Co., Ltd., and the stock code 5288 and the stock name Eurocharm KY.

After the establishment of the Company, the BVI, Taiwan and Vietnam are the three main operating place. In order to adjust the investment structure and integrate the benefits of resources, we will continue to make investment according to our business development needs and strategic layout. In recent years, we have been developing in multiple directions, and with our steady business steps, we have been leading the industry. We are engaged in the manufacturing, processing of the motorcycle parts and medical equipment. In addition to stable overall operations, profitability has been improving year by year, making us become one of the top-performing manufacturers in Taiwan.

The Company NameEurocharm Holdings Co., Ltd.
Number of Employees4,183
Establishment TimeJuly 18, 2011
Chairman and General ManagerSteven Yu
AddressNo. 15, Lane 315, Xinshu Road, Xinzhuang District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 242
Total AssetsNT$658 million
Main Factory Locations6

Business Idea

Innovation, Automaticity, Perfection, and Benefit

Innovation: To create value beyond traditional products through customer-oriented innovation.

Automaticity: Use self-management of employees to stimulate personal potential.

Perfection: To pursue perfect products by perfect R&D and production facilities.

Benefits: We cherish the opportunity for our employees to be associated with our company, to benefit our customers and to give back to the society.

Important Events

1974Established Eurocharm Taiwan as a professional manufacturer of motorcycle parts.
1983Introduced and utilized an automated welding robot production line.
Initiated the production of healthcare equipment parts and products.
1989Introduce CAD/CAM to enhance computer-aided design capability.
1994Began the production of walkers and rollators, revenue exceeded NT$1 billion.
1996Passed the ISO 9002 certification.
1999Passed the QS 9000 certification.
2001Established Vietnam Precision Industrial No.1 Co., Ltd. (VPIC1)
2002Installed stamping, tube bending, robotic welding, as well as, liquid and powder coating production lines.
Passed the ISO 9001 (Year 2000 Edition) certification.
2003Launched aluminum die-casting, CNC machining and passed the ISO 9001 certification.
2004Stationed epoxy-based e-coating production line.
2006Jointed venture with EXEDY Japan to establish EXEDY Vietnam, main products are motorcycle clutches.
2007Passed the ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001 certification.
2009Introduced hydraulic stamping production line up to 1,200 tons.
Passed the ISO 9001 (Year 2008 Edition) certification.
2010Jointed venture to establish Hsieh Yuan Technology Vietnam Co, Ltd. which specializes in zinc, nickel, chromium and hard chrome plating.
Passed the ISO 13485 certification.
2011Restructured the organization of the group to establish Eurocharm Holdings Co., Ltd. Eurocharm Holdings Co., Ltd. issued a US$17,000,000 stake in acquiring the shares of Eurocharm Innovation Co., Ltd. 100% owned by New General Ltd. and Seashore Group Ltd.
2012After a capital increase of US$473,537, the Company’s share capital was US$17,473,537, US$1 per share, 17,473,537 shares in total.
2013The share capital of Eurocharm Holdings Co., Ltd. was converted from US$17,473,537 with the ratio of 1: 3.2548746 into denomination of NT shares per share on October 25, 2013 at the provisional shareholders’ meeting. After the conversion, the Company’s capital was NT$568,741,530, each denomination was NT$10, 56,874,153 in total.
Introduced liquid painting production line.
2014Installed a Mitsubishi 3D laser cutting machine.
Awarded with Ford Q1 Preferred Quality Award.
Publicly listed in Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) (Stock code 5288).
2015Installed TRUMPF TruLaser Tube.
Passed the OHSAS 18001 certification.
Established Apex Precision Industrial Ltd.
Apex Precision Industrial Ltd.
2016Established Optimal Victory Ltd.
2017Construction Completion of the 5th Factory in Vietnam.
2018Acquired 155,000 square meters of land use rights in Baishan II Industrial Zone.
2019Established Eurocharm Innovation (HK) Co., Ltd.
Joint venture with Lieh Kwan International Co., Ltd.