Since Eurocharm was established, we have always complied with relevant laws and regulations, actively strengthened internal management, improved management quality and performance, and maintained harmonious labor relations to keep a good corporate image. At the same time, we are deeply committed to customer relationship management, in order to maintain the brand recognition of Eurocharm in the minds of customers. In recent years, there has been no change in corporate image that affecting corporate crisis management. The main units responsible for handling emergency and major incidents are as follows:

Emergency and Major Events

Scope of Emergency and Major EventsResponsible Parties
Product QualityTaiwan Quality Management Department/ Vietnam Quality Management Department
Stable supplyTaiwan Production Management Department/ Vietnam Production Management Department
Labor DisputesTaiwan Management Department/ Vietnam Administration Office
Customer ServiceTaiwan Marketing Department/ Vietnam Marketing Department
Media MattersChief Management Department
Information SecurityTaiwan Management Department / Vietnam Administration Office
Integrity issuesAudit Office
OtherAccording to the main authority and responsibility of the business unit