The Company has established the “Compensation Management Regulations”, and provides competitive salary conditions through annual salary and benefit surveys. The starting salary is the same for both men and women, and is higher than the minimum basic salary stipulated by the local government. Salaries and benefits do not differ based on gender, age, nationality, physical or mental disability, race, or other conditions, and contributions to pensions are in accordance with regulations. Eurocharm complies with the relevant provisions of the Labor Standards Law of the Republic of China. In addition to health insurance and labor insurance for Taiwan employees, we also provide accident insurance for employees on business trips and contribute to the worker’s personal account system to protect employee benefits. In addition, the Company has established the “appraisal operation method”. The Company will consider the individual’s performance and contribution each year, as the basis for salary adjustment, bonus change, dividend and other reward, and planning a complete grade and ranking system, regardless of male employees are no difference; two performance appraisals are conducted each year, and the manager level and above are rewarded, and directly drive the organization’s business performance. In addition to the social, medical, and unemployment insurance, Vietnam employees are given regular promotion and salary adjustment opportunities every year to reward employees with excellent performance, as well as monthly performance bonuses and year-end bonuses depending on the company’s operational performance and employee performance. It allows employees to affirm their self-worth and enhance their sense of accomplishment, and promote diversified employment and social stability.

Taiwan Employee Benefits and Security

AwardSalaries, bonuses and dividends are adjusted according to the company’s operational performance and employee performance.
BenefitsGroup insurance (accidental injury/accidental medical insurance), travel subsidies (subsidies according to years of service and hours of service), occasional dinners and recreational activities organized by the company.
SystemWe provide work clothes and safety shoes for on-site personnel.
Leave SystemTwo days off per week, Annual leave, Paternity leave, Family leave, Menstruation leave/Pregnancy checkup, Parental leave.
Retirement SystemIn order to protect the rights and interests of employees, Taiwan companies have established the Labor Retirement Plan in accordance with the law and regularly contribute a monthly retirement reserve at a rate of 2% of total payroll to be deposited in a special account at the Central Trust of China. Starting on July 1, 2015, the new government retirement system will be adopted, whereby 6% of the employees’ gross salary will be contributed to the employees’ personal pension accounts. In addition, for those employees who make voluntary withholding pension, the voluntary withholding rate is deducted from the employees’ monthly salary to the individual pension account of the Labor Insurance Account.
Staff Welfare CommitteeDomestic trip and annual events.
Lifelong LearningEducation and training subsidies are available.

Vietnam Employee Benefits and Security

AwardMonthly performance bonuses and year-end bonuses are paid depending on the company’s operational performance and employee performance; company-wide improvement proposals are implemented, and bonuses are paid to encourage the proposals if they are effective in improving efficiency or reducing costs.
BenefitsProvide social medical unemployment insurance. In addition, the company cooperates with the labor union to hold various activities on important festivals. At the end of the year, there is an annual departmental dinner to subsidize the company’s Vietnam factory, which has an employee cafeteria, coffee machine, fitness room, soccer field, recreation center and employee parking lot. In addition to free food, the company provides free use of all equipment. In addition, the company regularly holds foot and badminton tournaments, staff trips and sports games, and also regularly subsidizes various dinner events such as departmental dinners and annual banquets.
Retirement SystemThe premiums have been withdrawn on a monthly basis and paid to the local social insurance bureau for the employees, and the employees can apply for pensions from the social insurance bureau when they reach the statutory retirement age.

We organize safety and health education and training for new employees, on-the-job safety and health education and training for special operation supervisors, fire safety training and practical training, and on-the-job safety and health training for general employees; we also plan and arrange for employees to participate in professional training courses according to their professional functions to enhance their professional knowledge. We regularly implement employee health checkups and medical subsidies, and implement special medical checkups for employees in special operations to ensure the health of employees.