The Company’s procurement strategy for choosing appropriate suppliers is based on various factors such as product quality, price, delivery time, and compatibility. Since these raw material suppliers are not irreplaceable and there are at least two options available for the same materials, the sources of supply are sufficient. Therefore, there is no risk of excessive concentration in the procurement. In 2016, Eurocharm began domestic procurement, including purchasing materials with the cutomers and on our own. The ratio of local raw materials has gradually increased from less than 50% to 80 or 90%. In recent years, in response to potential disasters caused by climate change such as windstorm, water shortage, flooding, transportation and communication disruption, the Company has required its major suppliers of raw materials to prepare possible response plans to reduce the impact of supply disruptions caused by the accidents. Suppliers also have to manage their suppliers well and abide by our policy of honesty.

ItemUnitPurchase volumeRatio
Sheet metalTons23332.96%
Metal pipeTons46866.18%
Metal blockTons60.86%
ItemUnitPurchase volumeRatio
Sheet metalTons51259.89%
Metal pipeTons33238.80%
Metal blockTons111.31%
ItemUnitPurchase volumeRatio
Sheet metalTons96145.63%
Metal pipeTons1,13653.93%
Metal blockTons90.44%
ItemUnitPurchase volumeRatio
Sheet metalTons22,05061.55%
Metal pipeTons12,99936.28%
Metal blockTons7792.17%
ItemUnitPurchase volumeRatio
Sheet metalTons31,14966.52%
Metal pipeTons14,36030.67%
Metal blockTons1,3172.81%
ItemUnitPurchase volumeRatio
Sheet metalTons26,64660.13%
Metal pipeTons16,01936.15%
Metal blockTons1,6483.72%
Local procurement in TaiwanNT$ Thousand237,027100%
Local procurement in VietnamNT$ Thousand3,212,27782.76%
Local procurement in TaiwanNT$ Thousand356,447100%
Local procurement in VietnamNT$ Thousand3,970,47088.57%
Local procurement in TaiwanNT$ Thousand508,33599.96%
Local procurement in VietnamNT$ Thousand3,144,96187.71%