Talent diversity is one of the most important components of corporate culture, and employing diverse talent is a long-standing philosophy of hiring the right person for the right job. There is no significant change or seasonal difference from the previous year, and through the well internal organization structure and implementation of personnel system by the end of 2021. The number of global employees are 4,956, including 4,873 employees in Vietnam, 82 employees in Taiwan, and 1 employee in China. We also provide internal staff education and training and overseas rotation opportunities. We are committed to promoting outstanding talent from within, demonstrating our transparent and comprehensive internal promotion system and opportunities. The senior management level in the Taiwan and Vietnam operation sites were hired 100% of locally in Taiwan; a total of 19 middle-level managers in the Taiwan operation site, 4.92% were hired locally in Taiwan; a total of 344 middle-level managers in the Vietnam operation site, 89.12% were hired locally in Vietnam. In 2021, Eurocharm Taiwan and VPIC1 employees did not violate human rights, employ child labor, forced labor, or violate aboriginal people.