Our water consumption is mainly for plant operation, and we set a specific target of 2% water saving for each production site every year. Domestic wastewater is recycled by RO for irrigation and toilet cleaning, and about 2,300 tons of wastewater is recycled every month for secondary use and watered for plants in the morning to reduce temperature evaporation. The fish tank uses a recirculating water supply. In order to minimize the waste of water resources, the staff is instructed to develop good water habits and turn off the faucet after using water.

Water consumptionTons196,863234,095197,056195,198
Product IntensityTons / production0.001980.002600.00265
Sales IntensityTons / NT$1,000 Revenue0.0430.0450.042

Water Withdrawal by Source

ItemUnit2018201920202021/1-2021/10Areas with Water Stress
Surface Water (total)MLNA
Groundwater (total)MLNA
Seawater (total)MLNA
Produced Water (total)MLNA
Third-party Water (total)ML196.863234.095197.056195,198NA
Freshwater (≤1,000 mg/L Total Dissolved Solids)MLNA
Other Water (>1,000 mg/L Total Dissolved Solids)MLNA
Total Water WithdrawalML196.863234.095197.056195,198NA

Water Discharge by Destination

ItemUnit201820192020Areas with Water Stress
Surface WaterMLNA
Third-party WaterML157.74187.52157.92NA
Third-party Water Sent for Use to Other OrganizationsMLNA
Total Water DischargeML157.74187.52157.92NA

Water Consumption

ItemUnit201820192020Areas with Water Stress
Total Water ConsumptionML39.1146.58139.138NA
Change in Water StorageML0.99NA