To address the issue of waste, the first step is to reduce the quantity of the waste and implement sorting and recycling. Waste disposal is the last resort. Eurocharm group has established policies for resource recycling such as water, electricity, and raw materials; project goals and implementation methods comply with the ISO 14001 standards, which are also disclosed on the Company’s website. Eurocharm Group follows government regulations by submitting a business waste disposal plan and paying recycling and disposal fees in accordance with the waste disposal law. The waste generated from the Group’s own operational activities includes wastewater and waste liquid from the coating production line. The volume of general waste, recyclable wastes, and hazardous wastes produced in 2022 was 782.51 tons, 14,627.59 tons, and 5,221.92 tons, respectively. Qualified waste agencies are entrusted for waste transportation and disposal. Vietnam VPIC1 has set a target to reduce hazardous waste by ≥3% in 2023.

Historical General Waste Quantity

General wasteTons752.4814.8782.51
Product DensityTons/Production0.000010.000010.00001
Sales DensityTons/NT$ Thousand0.000160.000140.0001

Historical Recyclable Waste Quantity

Recyclable wasteTons12,502.8712,748.6314,627.59
Product DensityTons/Production0.000170.000170.00017
Sales DensityTons/NT$ Thousand0.00270.00220.0018

Historical Hazardous Waste Quantity

Hazardous WasteTons981.091,505.655,221.92
Product DensityTons/Production0.000010.000020.00006
Sales DensityTons/NT$ Thousand0.000210.000260.00065

2022 Waste by Composition

Waste CompositionUnitWaste GeneratedWaste Diverted from DisposalWaste Directed to Disposal
General WasteTons782.51782.51
Recyclable WasteTons14,627.5914,627.59
Hazardous WasteTons5,221.925,221.92
Total WasteTons20,632.0214,627.596,004.43

2022 Waste Diverted from Disposal by Recovery Operations

Non-hazardous Waste
Preparation for ReuseTons
Other Recovery OperationsTons
Waste preventedTons14,627.59

2022 Waste Directed to Disposal by Disposal Operation

Hazardous Waste
Incineration (without energy recovery)Tons4,675.10
Other Disposal OperationsTons546.82
Non-hazardous Waste
Incineration (with energy recovery)Tons34.80
Other Disposal Operations