Eurocharm Holdings’ corporate governance framework is based on Taiwan’s Company Act, Securities and Exchange Act, and other related laws and regulations. The company refers to corporate governance practices in order to establish an effective corporate governance framework that protects the rights and interests of shareholders, strengthens the powers of the Board of Directors, fulfills the function of Audit Committee, respects the rights and interests of stakeholders, and enhances information transparency. Operating with ethical corporate management is the best practice principle that helps fulfill Eurocharm Holdings’ social responsibilities. Eurocharm Holdings also expects to realize sustainable management and improve business performance through a comprehensive management system.

The company has set up part-time staff in the administrative and financial department and the secretary of the board of directors to be responsible for corporate governance related matters, safeguarding shareholders’ rights and strengthening the functions of the board of directors. The main responsibilities are as follows:

  • Develop appropriate company system and organizational structure to promote the independence of the board of directors, transparency of the company and compliance with laws and regulations, and implementation of internal control.
  • Formulate relevant laws and regulations for corporate governance, and pay attention to the revision of laws and regulations, with amendments and discussion of the board of directors.
  • Consult the board of directors before the board of directors to plan and formulate the agenda, and notify all directors at least 7 days before the meeting to provide relevant meeting materials to facilitate the directors to understand the contents of the relevant proposals; if the contents of the proposal are related to stakeholders The parties should be given appropriate reminders; the major information released by the board of directors after the meeting will be sent to the directors; the proceedings will be sent to the directors within 20 days after the meeting.