ESG Operational Situation

In order to implement environmental, social and governance, the Administration Department of the Eurocharm Group is responsible for promoting ESG-related management and formulating promotion plans. The Group promotes ESG from three perspectives: “Corporate Governance”, “Social Responsibility” and “Environmental Safety”. The Administration Department reports to the Board of Directors on a quarterly and annual basis on performance results, which are monitored and reviewed by the Board of Directors, and provides guidance on strategy and direction for key issues.

Corporate Governance

  • We regularly announce our operating results on our website and disclose our financial and annual reports in English and Chinese for investors’ reference.
  • We hold regular meetings with domestic and overseas corporations to let investors understand the financial situation of the Company.
  • Regular monthly management meetings are held to consider the internal and external environment and current operating conditions and to review the performance of plant operations.

Social Responsibility

  • To promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth and achieve full and productive employment.
  • Social assistance matters are regularly announced on the Company’s website for investors’ information.

Environmental Safety

  • We implement environmental safety and health policies to provide a safe and comfortable working environment for our employees.
  • Continuously promote environmental protection and implement supplier management.