Human Rights

In order to fulfill our corporate social responsibility and protect the basic human rights of our employees. We support and follow the internationally recognized human rights norms and principles such as “United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, “International Labor Organization Convention”, “The United Nations Global Compact”. We treat our existing employees equally and respect them, and follow the labor-related laws and regulations of the company. We will establish work rules, environmental safety and health management, and other related management policies and procedures to ensure that we do not violate or breach human rights.

1. Respect for Human Rights in the Workplace

The Company complies with the labor laws and regulations of its place of operation and prohibits the employment of child labor. Based on the basic human right of equal employment opportunity, the Company employs employees based on their professional ability and experience, and never gives different consideration on the basis of race, ideology, religion, party affiliation, nationality, place of birth, gender, marriage, appearance, physical and mental disabilities, etc.

2. Safe Working Environment

In order to provide a healthy and safe working environment for employees, our Vietnam subsidiary has obtained OHSAS18001 Occupational Safety and Health Management System certification and has adopted operational controls for high-risk operations to strengthen operational risk management and reduce the incidence of occupational accidents. In addition, we implement weekly safety activities and 5S inspections, and set up a safety training track to educate and train on the more hazardous items in the factory to achieve a safe labor environment through continuous improvement.

3. Diversified Communication Pipeline

In order to ensure smooth communication between the Company and its employees, each Group company establishes labor unions or holds regular labor-management meetings to fully communicate with employees. We also establish channels for complaints and denunciations to listen to employees’ opinions, and respects employees’ freedom of assembly and association. In accordance with the rights granted to employees by law, ensures reasonable arrangements for working hours, creates a good workplace environment, and maintains harmonious labor relations.