Eurocharm Group is committed to fulfilling its corporate social responsibility, safeguarding the fundamental human rights of its employees, and respecting their uniqueness. We strive to create a diverse and inclusive workplace, supporting and adhering to internationally recognized human rights norms and principles such as the (United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights), (International Labour Organization conventions), and the (United Nations Global Compact). We treat current colleagues equally and with respect, in accordance with the labor laws of the countries in which we operate. We establish work rules, environmental safety policies, and related management procedures to ensure that human rights are not violated or compromised. Through a diverse work environment, we aim to benefit employees, customers, and suppliers alike. We are dedicated to building a diverse and inclusive work environment where employees are valued for their individuality and encouraged to embrace their uniqueness, allowing them to be themselves.

(1)Respect for Workplace Human Rights:

Our company complies with local labor laws, and we strictly prohibit the employment of child labor. We uphold the basic human right of equal employment opportunities, and in the hiring process, we solely consider professional capabilities and experiences, without discrimination based on race, ideology, religion, political affiliation, origin, birthplace, gender, marital status, appearance, or disabilities. We respect the rights of different races to choose their lifestyles, customs, clothing, social and economic organizations, resource utilization methods, land ownership, and management models.

(2)Gender Equality:

We are dedicated to creating a diverse and inclusive work environment. By providing equal opportunities for men and women in all positions, we aim to achieve gender balance. We believe that practicing gender equality will benefit everyone.

(3)Safe Working Environment:

To provide employees with a safe and healthy work environment, our subsidiary in Vietnam has obtained ISO 45001 certification for occupational health and safety management. For high-risk operations, we implement operation controls and enhance operational risk management to reduce the incidence of occupational accidents. Additionally, we conduct safety activities and 5S inspections weekly, establish safety perception training venues, and educate employees on projects with higher hazards, achieving a safe working environment through continuous improvement.

(4) Diverse Communication Channels:

To ensure smooth communication between labor and management, each company within the group establishes labor unions or holds regular labor-management meetings to engage in thorough communication with employees. We also have channels for complaints and reporting, listening to employees’ opinions, and respecting their right to assembly and association, as granted by the law, to maintain harmonious labor-management relations.

Reasonable Working Conditions and Safe Health Environment:●Our company complies with domestic occupational health and safety laws and relevant ISO regulations, establishing an occupational health and safety management system with the goal of achieving “zero occupational injuries.
●We adhere to domestic fire and environmental protection regulations and have established emergency response organizations in our company.
●We also have an existing supplier evaluation management system and implement construction safety and health management systems for contractors.
Target: All employees.
Physical and Mental Health and Work-Life Balance:●We provide regular health checks for employees, during which hospitals offer face-to-face consultations, and follow up with employees showing abnormal results on a graded basis.
Target: All employees.
Employee Health Care:●To effectively reduce the risks of employees being exposed to hazards, occupational diseases, human-induced hazards, workplace violence, and excessive workloads, we provide employees with personal consultation physician information.
Target: All employees.
Maternal Health Protection:●We promote Parental Leave without pay in accordance with the law.
Target: All employees.
Equal Employment:●Our recruitment process adheres to the principles of fairness, justice, and transparency, without differential treatment based on race, ideology, religion, political affiliation, origin, birthplace, gender, marital status, appearance, or disabilities.
●We provide appropriate job content and standard remuneration for employees with disabilities at the same job level as new employees.
●Equal pay for equal work.
Target: All employees.
Prohibition of Forced Labor:●We strictly adhere to the (United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights), (International Labour Organization conventions), (United Nations Global Compact), and the (Labor Standards Act). We do not engage in any form of forced labor, such as coercion, intimidation, confinement, or other illegal methods.
Target: All employees.
Prohibition of Child Labor:●We strictly prohibit the employment of child labor, in accordance with the (Labor Standards Act) and (our human rights policy)
Smooth Labor-Management Communication Channels:●Employees can make suggestions to the company through welfare committees, labor-management meetings, and other means.
●We have physical suggestion boxes available for colleagues to provide various suggestions.
Target: All employees.
Review and Evaluation of Human Rights System:●We regularly review human rights-related regulations, such as work rules, performance assessment procedures, salary management regulations, and job-level adjustment regulations.
Target: All employees.

Human Rights Performance

Total Number of Employees

GenderBelow 30 31-50Above 51

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Percentage of Supervisory and Non-supervisory Employees


Ratio of Standard Wage of Entry-level Employees to Local Minimum Wage


Human Rights Education and Training

Our company never employs child labor or illegal labor, and no incidents of discrimination based on ethnicity, gender, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation, harassment, or workplace bullying have occurred. Our management regulations, such as the new employee selection and appointment procedures and work rules, clearly state provisions related to human rights protection to comply with international human rights principles.

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