Looking back to 2020, the global economy was affected by COVID-19, which not only broke the supply chain due to the pandemic, but also seriously affected the overall industry demand in the second quarter. However, after the third quarter, the governments of various countries put forward various policies to prevent the pandemic, so that the global business order gradually restored, and in the fourth quarter, the economy gradually came back to the right track. Looking forward to 2021, the overall business environment will gradually recover and the new development projects undertaken by the Company in the past two years will gradually make achievement this year. In addition, the company will continue to refine its operating management and production technology, continue to diversify customer risks, and strive for new orders from domestic and international customers with professional manufacturing capabilities and quality services.

Continuous Improvement of Environmental Protection, Occupational Health and Industrial Safety

We have made substantial changes in employee participation, safe production, improved working environment, quality improvement, shortened delivery time, reduction of invalid working hours and improved employee compensation and benefits. We strive to strengthen the cohesiveness of the factory, improve internal factory management and continuously improve working environment and labor conditions to protect the legal rights of employees.

Promote Green Supply Chain

We will continue to promote green supply chain innovation and carry out environmental improvement and equipment replacement projects for noise, dust, air, sewage treatment systems, lighting and electric furnace usage. We will continue to improve the environment and replace equipment, and continue to promote green factories and move toward the goal of energy saving and carbon reduction to become an environmentally friendly company.

Promoting Lean Production Management

The company continues to introduce TOYOTA lean production, and uses the system structure, personnel organization, operation methods and market supply and demand, and other aspects of consideration, combined with the implementation of the MES project. The production system can immediately adapt to the rapid changes in user demand, and reduce unnecessary waste in the production process, in order to strengthen the company’s production management model. In response to the risk of labor shortage that may arise in the future due to the continuous investment of foreign enterprises in Vietnam, the Company will continue to invest in automation projects to avoid labor shortage problems.

Promote Talent Training and Succession Plan

In order to effectively cultivate cadres at all levels with the ability to proactively solve problems, the company continues to develop training programs with external experts and arrange training contents according to individual characteristics and job attributes, with the main point of cultivating and reserving excellent management and technical talents, laying a more solid foundation for the company’s sustainable development.