The company’s information department is responsible for information security and related matters, prepares relevant information security management procedures, and conducts regular internal information security checks.

Information Security Policy

PurposeIn order to strengthen information security management, maintain business continuity, reduce information operation risks, and protect the rights of information service users, the Company has established a secure and reliable information security management system and standardized this procedure policy as the highest guideline to achieve the goal of information security management.
ScopeThe scope of information security management of the Company includes the personnel, management system, applications, data, documents, media storage, hardware equipment and network facilities related to information operations of the Company’s subsidiaries and locations.
ObjectiveTo avoid misuse or intentional damage to the information system by internal or external personnel, or when an emergency such as misuse or intentional damage has been suffered. The company can respond quickly to deal with it and return to normal operation in the shortest possible time, so as to reduce the economic damage and business interruption that may be brought about by the incident.
ProceduresPerform management of information rooms, network security, system development and program modification, data security, information confidentiality, intellectual property rights, and information outsourcing.