The “Administration and Finance Department” of the company is responsible for the operation of sustainable development, with dedicated staff members assigned to drive this initiative. The Board of Directors has authorized the General Manager to oversee this, and an annual report on the progress is presented at the first board meeting of each fiscal year. Eurocharm established its Sustainability Committee on June 1, 2022, with four directors and independent directors serving as committee members. The Committee elected an independent director, Yi-Ren Guo, as the convener and chairperson of the meetings. The operation of the Committee follows the “Organizational Regulations for the Sustainability Committee” of the Company. The Committee assists the Board of Directors in promoting sustainable development and enhancing corporate governance to achieve the goal of sustainable management. The duties of the Committee include formulating the direction and strategic objectives of sustainable development, developing relevant management policies and specific action plans, as well as promoting and implementing relevant tasks of corporate ethics and risk management. Moreover, the Committee also monitors, reviews, and revises the implementation and effectiveness of sustainable development while reviewing the Company’s sustainability report and other matters determined by the resolutions of the Board Meetings. The Sustainability Committee should convene a meeting every quarter and call for other meetings if necessary. In 2023, the Sustainability Committee hold 4 meetings with 100% average attendance for all members and discussed a total of 5 related motions.

Number of Meetingstimes34
Attendance Rate%100100
Motions Reviewedcases45

On December 30, 2022, the “Annual Board Performance Evaluation and Self-Assessment of Board Members for 2022” and “Self-Assessment of Functional Committee Members” were conducted, yielding a “satisfactory” evaluation. The result is expected to be presented to the Board in the first quarter of 2023. On December 26, 2023, the “Annual Board Performance Evaluation and Self-Assessment of Board Members for 2023” and “Self-Assessment of Functional Committee Members” were conducted, yielding a “satisfactory” evaluation. The result is expected to be presented to the Board in the first quarter of 2024.

TitleNameExperience (Education)
ChairmanYi-Jen KuoTransportation Engineering and Management, National Chiao Tung University
Administrator, China Steel Corporation
Manager, China Steel
Aluminum Corporation
President, China Steel Global Trading Corporation
Independent DirectorChen-Tien YuanLaw-National Taiwan University
MBA, Guanghua School of Management, Peking University
Vice President, EY Management Services Inc.
Independent DirectorYen-Hsi LinPhilosophy, Fu Jen Catholic University
General Manager, DDI-Asia/Pacific International Ltd. (Taiwan)
Senior Advisor, Asia/Pacific Region, Caliper Human Strategies
DirectorMichael YuBusiness Management- National Chung Hsing University
Business Management- National Taipei University of Business

Organizational Structure of the Sustainability Committee

Organiztion StructureDuties
Sustainability Committee Chair● Hosts and convene sustainability/ESG meetings
Sustainability Committee members● Determine sustainability/ESG strategies of the Company
Sustainability Committee Executive Secretary● Coordinates and promote Sustainability/ESG Committee affairs
● Plans, designs, and maintains sustainability/ESG pages on the official website
● Responsible for coordinating (editing, assurance, publication) Sustainability/ESG Report every year
● Responsible for compling ESG data in Taiwan and Vietnam
Board of Directors Meeting Secretary● Responsible for the meeting notification and minutes of the Sustainability/ESG Committees
Subsidiary Companies● Assist in promotion of sustainability/ESG policies
● Responsible for implementing resolutions made by Sustainability/ESG Committees
● Regularly report to the Sustainability Committee, set ESG KPIs and monitor implementation status, develop action plans while making improvements continuously
● Supervising the normal operation of the ESG work at all departments
Energy saving and carbon reduction● Product research, development, and innovation (metal substitute materials and regenerated metal); production improvement (quality, production yield, low pollution)

● Reduce in green hous gas emission by lowering energy consumption of production and daily use
● Reduce wastes and wastewater by reusing resources
● Implementing ISO 14001 environmental management system and introducing other systems
Supply chain● Product quality management (product quality, recycling, and recall)
● Supplier evaluation (including human rights, environmental protection, and child labor), audit, and risk management (source management for conflict mineral, rare soil, etc.)
● Implementation of the quality control systems, ISO 9001/ISO 13485/IATF 16949
Social welfare● Planning and implementation of social welfare projects
Employee Care● Employees’ rights, human rights, and talent cultivation
● Based on the premise of law compliance, plan and implement comprehensice employee care including compensation, benefits, educational training, etc.
labor safety● Labor health and safety projects
● Based on the premise of law compliance, plan and implement prevention of occupational accidents
● Implmentatino of ISO 45001 occupational safety and health management system
Customer Relationship● Plan and implement customer relationship and information security
● Responsd to customer claims; satisfaction surveys
● Proection of customer privacy and information securtiy
● Introduction of information security management system
Corporate Governance● Corporate governance (internal regulations and internal control) and planning and implementation of anti-corruption
● Strenthen the organization, implement corporate governance, and anti-corruption as the major projects
● Following the Compacty Act, value the rights of shareholders and enhance the operation of the Board of Directors