Pre-Qualification: We ask the vendor to fill out the “Vendor Information Form” for the reference of the preliminary qualification review. The purchasing department staff will make a preliminary assessment of the vendor according to the “Vendor Information Form”, including the

Field Investigation: The purchasing staff will call the quality assurance unit staff to conduct field understanding and audit on the manufacturing capability and quality management capability of the manufacturer. The purchasing staff will fill out the results of the field survey in the “Vendor Field Survey Form” and “New Supplier Audit Form” and submit them to the responsible supervisor for review. If the audit is approved, a “Qualified Vendor List” will be established; if not, a new suitable vendor will be developed.

Number of new suppliers evaluated

Number of New Suppliers Evaluated5513
Total Suppliers134140154

New Supplier Rating Levels

LevelPass Rate Grade Range
A (Above 94)
B (81 – 94)
It is the stability or continuity of its grade that is given priority and second priority when new parts are contracted.
C(71-80)We will notice, observe the object, according to the delivery date or quality problems, do collaborative manufacturer monitoring guidance.
D(Below 71)We will monitor and guide the third party. If it happens again, we will report it to the department head for approval.

Number of New Suppliers Evaluated