Every year, June and December are the months of environmental protection publicity to promote various energy saving and carbon reduction policies to our employees. We set a specific target of 2% annual energy saving for each production site and conduct annual greenhouse gas inventory with reference to ISO 14064-1 to track the effectiveness of emission reduction and disclose it on the company website. In 2020, the total electricity consumption of the Group was 37,821,885 kWh, and the consolidated revenue was NT$4,658,907 thousand, with a sales intensity of 8.12 kWh/NT$1,000 revenues.

Electricity Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Reducing carbon dioxide emissions is the most important environmental issue for the whole world. The Eurocharm’s main source of greenhouse gas emissions is the use of electricity. Therefore, the Group’s primary goal is to save electricity and continue to promote various energy saving programs. With a base year of 37,809,030 degrees in 2018, the goal is 40% greenhouse gas emission intensity in 2038. Eurocharm has been continuously improving the efficiency of resource utilization, such as switching to indirect lighting to reduce the demand for daytime lighting, and switching from continuous aluminum ingot melting furnaces to centralized furnaces to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Electricity Consumptiondegree37,809,03039,922,20937,821,885
Secondary EnergyMJ136,112,508143,719,952136,158,786
Product IntensityMJ / production1.371.601.83
Sales IntensityDegree / NT$1,000 Revenue8.197.638.12
Greenhouse gas emissionsTons CO2e20,15220,32018,608
Greenhouse gas emission intensityTons CO2e / NT$1,000 Revenue0.00440.00390.0040

Investment in environmental protection and energy saving

Measuring environmental spending allows us to track and analyze the costs for environmental protection or environmental impact reduction, which not only helps to evaluate the efficiency of environmental measures, but also provides useful analytical information for internal cost effectiveness. VPIC1 is required to pay wastewater treatment fee to the management company of Kaikou Industrial Zone when it was established in Kaikou Industrial Zone. The basis of payment is based on the amount of the water used. The total amount is VND$ 2,113.45 thousand, approximately NT$3 thousand, will be paid in 2020.