Every year, June and December are set to be environmental protection awareness months for promoting various energy saving and carbon reduction policies to our employees. Eurocharm also sets and manages specific annual energy-saving targets for each production base and tracks emission reduction performance, discloseed publicly on the Company’s website. In 2022, we officially implemented the ISO 14064-1 greenhouse gas inventory and engaged a third-party verification by TUV NORD and BSI. Therefore, 2022 was chosen as the baseline year for the disclosure.

ISO 14064-1 Verification Statement(Eurocharm KY, B.V.I, Eurocharm US, Eurocharm HK, Eurocharm TW)

2022 GHG Report(Eurocharm KY, B.V.I, Eurocharm US, Eurocharm HK, Eurocharm TW)

ISO 14064-1 Verification Statement(VPIC1)

2022 GHG Report(VPIC1)

Scope 1 Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Scope 1 GHG emissionston CO2e2,423.932,006.6510,826.1825
Scope 1 GHG emissions Product intensitytons of CO2e / production0.03260.02630.1226
Scope 1 GHG emissions Sales intensityton CO2e / $ thousand revenue0.00050.00040.0014

Reducing CO2 emissions is currently the most pressing environmental issue worldwide. The primary source of greenhouse gas emissions for Eurocharm Group is electricity consumption. Therefore, energy efficiency is the primary carbon reduction goal for us. We continuously promote various energy-saving initiatives, with the year 2022 as the baseline. We strive to improve the efficiency of resource utilization by implementing measures such as switching to indirect lighting to reduce daytime lighting demand and centralizing the melting process of aluminum ingots to reduce CO2 emissions.

Scope 2 Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Grid ElectricityDegree36,589,54446,118,42253,297,152
Product IntensityDegree / Production491.75604.57603.45
Sales IntensityDegree / $ thousand revenue7.858.066.63
Total Scope 2 GHG EmissionsTons of CO2e13,21420,903.1238,432.9266
Scop 2 GHG Emissions IntensityTons of CO2e / Production0.17760.27400.4352
Scop 2 GHG Emissions IntensityTons of CO2e / $ thousand revenue0.00280.00370.0048

Scope 3 Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Scope 3 GHG emissionston CO2e173,793.5423
Scope 3 GHG emissions Product intensitytons of CO2e / production1.9677
Scope 3 GHG emissions Sales intensityton CO2e / $ thousand revenue0.0216

Total Energy Consumed

Liquefied Petroleum GasGJ53,836.1554,205.2377,112.67
Grid ElectricityGJ131,722.36166,026.32191,869.75
Diesel fuelGJ28,764.2241,393.2529,567.62
Energy TotalGJ214,705.75261,930.17298,931.51
Product IntensityGJ / Production2.88563.43373.3846
Sales IntensityGJ / $ thousand revenue0.04610.04580.0372