Stakeholder Engagement

Employee Rights

The Company values a harmonious employer-employee relationship and protects each individual’s freedom of speech. To maintain a smooth communication channel, the Company has established unions and labour conferences in accordance with the local government and laws. In the meantime, the periodic meeting with the relevant department managers allows the voices to be heard and opinions to be expressed. In case of a major labour dispute, the Company takes priority of the employee’s opinion. An executive will be appointed to reach a consensus with the employee for a healthy work environment and a sustainable enterprise.

Investor Relations

The Company has a designated contact between the Company and the shareholders for corporate’s information transparency. The corporate website is equipped with an Investor Relations section to provide the relevant information. To maintain a good relationship with the investors, the Company has an internal spokesperson system. In addition to participating in domestic and foreign security forums, the Company also holds investor conferences periodically.

Supplier Relations

The Company’s core value for business operation is credibility. Suppliers are one of the most important business partners as the Company expects to create a win-win situation and grow alongside with them. The Company upholds the highest standard of business ethics against corruption and fraud. If any wrongfulness was found related to the supply chain, please directly report to the Company’s auditor. Unless stated by the laws, the information you provide will be kept confidential and any necessary measures for the protection of your privacy will be taken.


Any inquiries about products, business opportunities or quality issues, please visit Contact on the website tab to get in touch and the correspondent will contact you shortly.

For any suggestions or complaints damaging the interested parties, please contact the deputy spokesman manager, Mr. Kao (886-2-2208-0151) or the internal audit (886-2-2208-0152).